Create an Event Fact Sheet and Timeline

Event Fact Sheet

The Event Fact Sheet provides a brief event synopsis and includes basic details such as who is attending (guest list), what is the program, how much is the budget, what are the event goals, what are the general attendance statistics, and who is the contact person. The event fact sheet is useful in helping to inform and brief staff and administrators, as well as helping to address all of the basic event questions (who, what, where, when, etc.) for planning purposes.

Event Timeline

The event timeline is a schedule that lists the various tasks, notes, requirements, staff assignments, deadlines, etc. that needs to take place in advance leading up to the day of the event. For a large scale event, your timeline will likely cover a span of six months to a year prior to your actual event date. You may also need to create a separate timeline just for your printed materials (save-the-date, invitation, program, ticketing, etc.).