Determine Funding and Create an Event Budget

Financial Responsibilities of Event Sponsorship

In addition to reviewing and approving the event’s programmatic content and ensuring compliance with University policy, the hosting department or campus sponsor is ultimately responsible for all University costs and commitments related to the event. Consult with your Business Officer to determine the proper recharge ID, full accounting unit (FAU) and available funding prior to committing to any expenses. Once approval has been given, be sure to allow adequate lead time to prepare any necessary purchase requisitions or special orders.

Event Budget Planning Checklist and Budget Template

With escalating prices and limited resources, finding the best deals and meeting your bottom line are top priorities. Planning out your event expenses in advance will assist you in determining the feasibility of your event and will provide you with a clear understanding of where your investment is going. Use the Budget Planning Checklist and Budget Template under "Related Information" to help you determine the actual cost of your event.

Budget Policies Related to Event Planning

The University has strict policies on entertainment, gifts, insurance and travel as they relate to events. Familiarize yourself with the material in Related Information on each of these topics:

  • Entertainment (BUS-79)Expenditures for Entertainment, Business Meetings and Other Occasions
  • Employee Non-Cash Awards, G-41
  • Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University, G-42
  • Insurance Requirements/Certificates of Insurance, BUS-63
  • University Insurance and Risk Management UCLA Policy 300
  • UCLA Travel Policies