Follow Printed Materials Timeline and Guidelines

Basic Guidelines for Printed Materials

The printed materials timeline chronologically documents deadlines pertaining to designing, producing and mailing printed pieces. Below are some basic guidelines and included in "Related Information" is a sample timeline.

  • "Work backwards" to calculate deadlines and allow plenty of time for each printed component
  • Adhere to UCLA's Graphic Identity, Dictionary of Style, and Trademarks and Licensing procedures
  • Consult the graphic designer to ensure the proposed timeline is realistic for the project
  • Note any holidays that may affect delivery of artwork and materials from vendors
  • Mail save-the-date cards four to six months prior to the event
  • Mail invitations four to six weeks prior to the event
  • The RSVP deadline should be two weeks prior to the event

Basic Timeline for Printed Materials

While every project is different, here are some general time estimates that may be used for printed material designs. Allow:

  • Four to six weeks prior to the mail date to compile guest lists, enter data and proof
  • Two to three weeks to write copy and get initial approvals
  • Four to six weeks to design the piece and get initial approvals
  • An additional week for final blueline approval. If many people must review the piece, allow more time
  • Two weeks from approved blueline date to materials delivery date (for pieces that have foil stamping, multi-colors, die cuts, etc., more time may be needed)
  • One week for mail house processing and mailing